Pabitra Narayan Nayak
July 14, 2017

1.The word Doctor which is used around the world for medical students is derived from the Latin Word Docere . What does the word Docere mean ?
2.On the penultimate day of the Kurukshetra War, after Arjuna killed Karna, Kunti requested the Pandavas to perform the rites for Karna. When they protested, she revealed the true identity of Karna. They were shocked to find that they had committed fratricide. Yudhishtira, furious with his mother, then cursed all the women of this universe. This story is said to be the reason behind what common saying/occurence?
3.Rana is a theatre artist  and was part of the Indian People’ s Theatre Association (IPTA) at Jabalpur. He has also appeared in a few Bollywood movies.Goldie is a film director and  worked on the sets of feature films like Oh My God, All is Well and Talaash, in the direction department.What is their claim to fame? They are more famous for something other which you must have seen while watching TV

4.When Hastinapur conquered Gandhar, the king Achala Suvala was killed and all the male members of his line were imprisoned including X and his 100 brothers.
Since all of them were sparsely fed (with one grain of rice each per day) in prison, the family decided that at least one of them could survive and gave all the rice to X, the cleverest of them all, so that he could live on to take revenge. X then made a memorabilia with his dead father’s bones.
ID X and the memorabilia.

5.X was born in Rourkela to Bengali parents. An IIT-KGP graduate, he began his career with script writing and later joined a company founded by his IIT senior. He is famous for essaying a role which is a parody of a famous journalist.
Y, born in Bhubaneshwar also graduated from IIT-KGP. He quit his job at Oracle in 2014 and started reviewing movies.Y once joked about how he’s often mistaken for X.
X an Y ?

6.Edgbaston, 2011: X dropped Alastair Cook, Cook scored 294.
* Sydney, 2012: X dropped Michael Clarke, Clarke scored 329*.
* Wellington, 2014: X dropped Brendon McCullum, McCullum scored 302.
Id the unlucky Cricketer X.

7.The city X has two spellings — with and without an ‘i’ and each spelling has a different connotation. With the ‘i’, it is said to mean ‘Gateway to Vishnu’ and without it is said to mean ‘Gateway to Shiva’. X, however, is usually the starting point for pilgrimages to both Badrinath and Kedarnath.
Identify X.

8.He is a 2 times Emmy award nominee.
He even hosted two WWE Wrestlemania events.
Who is this famous person ?

9.Squadron Leader Rakesh sharma the 1st India astronaut in space had a telephonic conversation with the then Prime Minister her Smt. Indira Gandhi , while he was in space.
A part of the conversation went like-“Mrs Gandhi: How does India look from there ?What was Rakesh Sharma’s reply ?

10.His great-grandfather W. D. Smiles was a member of the Assam Legislative Council. Though he was born and brought up in UK, after leaving school, he considered joining the Indian Army and spent a few months hiking in the Himalayan mountains of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam.
On 16 May 1998, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, 18 months after breaking three vertebrae in a parachuting accident. At 23, he was at the time among the youngest people to have achieved this feat.
In July 2009, he was appointed the youngest-ever Chief Scout at the age of 35.Who?

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