Pabitra Narayan Nayak
August 2, 2017

1.Amongst all the Unesco-designated iconic sari weaving clusters of India, which particular sari, famous for its gold thread and silver yarn, was developed in the capital of the ancient Satavahana kingdom. There are records of Greek and Roman traders visiting to buy these fabrics between 200 BC and AD 200.

2. If it was two bullocks and a cow between 1952 and 1971, and a cow with a suckling calf between 1971 and 1977, what is it currently?

3. Which Indian brand, started in the late 1960s, was named after a schoolgirl from the town of Ruppur in Gujarat?

The above image is a still from Empire, a 1964 film directed, produced and written by Y. Identify what’s special about the film?

5.The X coffee pot provided the inspiration to make the first Y in the world. The coffee machine was set up in a room next to X, a laboratory in an university located in Great Britain. The Y was set up near the coffee machine so that the people working in the building would not have to suffer the disappointment of finding the coffee machine empty after walking over to the machine from another room.

6.X was only twelve years old when she created the Y movement for young girls and boys in 1930. The group played a small but notable role in the Indian Independence Movement. The children conducted protests and flag marches, and helped Congress politicians circulate sensitive publications and banned materials.

Identify X and Y.

7.What five word phrase (and its variants) have the companies BCCL and ARG Outliers separately applied for a trademark? They did so in November 2016 and January 2017 respectively, resulting the companies going at each other’s throats, legally speaking.

8.Nuwara Eliya is a town located in the central province of Sri Lanka. It is the main hill resort of Sri Lanka and is the heart of the tea industry. The topography of the town is such that black soil forms the top layer here. One of the most famous attractions of the town is a temple, situated close to a botanical garden, which was supposedly built in the memory of X, who was kept prisoner in the area.

Identify X.

9.Carl Linnaeus first showed his Systema Naturae to Isaac Lawson,a Scottish physician(later served in the British army) and Frederik Gronovius,a Dutch scholar and they liked it so much that they got it published at their own expense.This forged a friendship between Linneaus and Lawson who corresponded with each other for quite some time .
When Lawson died in 1747 Linneaus named a genus after him,Lawsonia.How do we better know the only species of this genus?

10.When seen from the ground this is invisible to the naked eye; this effect in the structure is visible only when viewed from above on equinoxes . It was discovered by accident in 1940 when RAF pilot P.Groves was flying over it and captured the now famous photograph. What was it?


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