Pabitra Narayan Nayak
January 26, 2017

1.This feminine name has Spanish origin.According to Google the meaning of this name is “a young sexually active girl” because of a mid 50s (1950s) novel with the title character of the same name. A Famous actor from Bollywood industry popularized this name with his famous dialogue. What is the name and the famous dialogue?

2. The different specifications of X are:
Weight of outer part: 4.45 gm
Chemical Composition: 92% Copper, 6% aluminium, 2% nickel
Weight of central part: 3.26 gm
Chemical Composition: 75% Copper, 25% Nickel
What is X?

3. What has been blanked out from this special AMUL topical ?3

4. The logo is derived from the natural heritage of Gujarat, the Asiatic Lion, symbolizing the ferocity and the agility of which event ? Identify the event from its logo.14344276_1146633785407549_3490698248113981474_n

Mayur Vakani who is actually an artist from Gujarat and was one the important people involved in making Gujarat’s ‘Jhanki’ displayed in the Republic Day Parades in Delhi. He was also the main artist for decoration during the visit of Xi Jing Ping and the suite of PM Modi which was auctioned.He also prepared a statue for the suite and gifted Prime Minister Modi when he became the PM. But how do he is better known as ?

6. This word was derived from the Old English phrase eaca “an increase”, related to eacian “to increase”.Which word ?

7.The word X entered the English language from India during the colonial era.It dates to 1762, and is derived from Hindi _______ ,itself derived from the Sanskrit root capayati ( which means to press, knead, soothe).
In India, a variety of herbs and their extracts were used as X since ancient times. A very effective early X was made by boiling Sapindus with dried Indian gooseberry (aamla) and a few other herbs, using the strained extract .What is X?

8.X was a wonderful vessel given to yudishtira by the Lord surya which held a never-failing supply of food to the Pandavas every day.
The X Foundation ,established in the year 2000, is a non-profit organisation in India that runs school lunch programme across India.
Give me X .

9.X is a 20-page autobiographical life story of B. R. Ambedkar written in the period of 1935–36.It consists of reminiscences drawn by Ambedkar, related to his experiences with untouchability, in his own handwriting. The book is used as a textbook in Columbia University. What is the title of this book ?

10.In 1930 this author married archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan, having met him during an archaeological dig. Their marriage was happy and lasted until author’s death in 1976. She frequently used settings that were familiar to her for her stories. Her travels with Mallowan contributed background to several of her novels set in the Middle East.
Who is this famous author ?


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4.2016 kabbadi world cup ahmedabad


5. Brother of Daya From tarak mehta ka ulta chasma


6 . Nickname




8.Akshay Patra


9.Waiting for visa


10.Agatha cristie


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