Gaurav Suman
January 30, 2017
  1. The smaller version of this image was used by twitter to produce what?
  2. What’s so special about this pic?


  3. Which company owns “Dhara” brand ?

    484a463a-8bac-497c-92b9-4c8b8b561b2d (1)

  4. In 2012, French senator Yves Daudigny proposed a tax increase on palm oil from €100 to €400 per metric tonne. At 20 percent, palm oil is one of ___X’s___  main ingredients and the tax was dubbed “the __X___  tax” in the media
    hint:- world X day is February 5
  5. X an online fashion shopping destination by Aditya Birla Group, has launched athleisure fashion brand Y, in partnership with actor Shahid Kapoor on its portal. Y, India’s first athleisure brand, is built on the principle of fashion meets functionality and design meets innovation.ID X and Y?
  6. Baba Ramdev will be launching his autobiography “Being Baba Ramdev” next year. Which company is the publisher?
  7. His dad is called Akira Toriyama and must be very proud. He’s 5’8″, had a monkey tail as a child and also fought off some of the universe’s biggest threats. He beat his friend Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon for the spot of ambassador of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Which famous character am I talking about ?
  8. Fueled by the craft brewing movement and the popularity of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones series, the production of this fermented beverage has more than tripled in the USA over the last 5 years. Not surprisingly, California, where honey bees are a valued species, leads the production of which beverage?
  9. This is the term used to describe the greater-than-usual level of bravado and the tendency to go beyond one’s usual physical limits exhibited by people who are being photographed or filmed.
    Which term ?
  10. Many protests regarding the preparation for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, saw protestors carrying bottles of X. They also held rags soaked in X, to neutralize the effect of tear gas being used by the police. The protests were called as the salad uprising. Identify X
  11. First movie in india to do something what ?


  12. The vehicle was previously announced as the __X___, with “__X__” short for “zippy car”. However, on 2 February 2016, Company announced that the vehicle would be renamed as the name was a homonym of  Y , the virus involved in the ongoing international outbreak.[6] After soliciting suggestions in an online competition, the vehicle was rebranded as the ” Z “, a common Portuguese masculine given name, on 22 February 2016. Identify X,Y and Z.




    4. NUTELLA

    5. X: ABOF, Y: SKULT

    6. PENGUIN

    7. GOKU



    10. VINEGAR


    12. X: ZICA
    Y: ZIKA
    Z: TIAGO

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Gaurav Suman
October 8, 2016

01) Originated in south Africa as oil of x. Graham wulff an ex Unilever chemist from Durban started it in 1949. It was unique in early days because it was a       pink fluid rather than a cream. Wulff and his partner tested x on their wives. Identify x?

02) Identify this special edition watch



03)   Before the washing machine shirts had to be scrubbed and starched by hand. This was an arduous process. In 1820, Hannah Montague had an idea. She detached her husband’s collars from his work shirts, which allowed her to launder the collars separately. In 1851 ebenzer brown recognised the possibility in detachable collar industry. This eventually lead to the introduction of x brand as a pioneer in men’s fashion.
Identify x..??

04)   Identify and claim to fame


05)    X is a fitness wearable company based in mountain view, california
X is a music subscription service in Hong Kong
X HD was an ambient HDTV channel launched by voom HD networks.However in India x is famous as something else

Give me x

06)   olympic  steel is a US based steel manufacturer started by brothers sol siegel, morris siegel and sam siegel. When this company got listed on the NASDAQ , they chose an apt ticker symbol to honour a god. What was their ticker symbol ?

07)    It began as the business and technology consulting division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. Arthur Andersen’s first job in computer consulting came in the early 1950s, when the firm conducted a feasibility study for General Electric to install a computer at Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1953, the firm urged GE to install a UNIVAC I computer and printer. This system is believed to be the first commercial use of a computer in the U.S.  Joseph Glickauf. Which giant firm am I talking about ?

08)    This clothing chain  released their latest advertising campaign for Fall 2016 and people are not happy about it. One of the ads feature Gigi Hadid as a stylish mother walking around the streets with her two adorable kids. Problem? Hadid just celebrated her 21st birthday which means she would have been around 14-years-old at the time she had the older child. People have taken to social media to slam the ad saying that it is glamorizing and advocating teen pregnancy. Others have called the ad racist as the “daughter” is chained to her stroller .


09)  Identify and claim to fame


10)   This well known indian startup started as mobile search company- mkhoj before pivoting to another business model. What is it now known as??

11)     Gaurab dablish and sidharth sood invested in a jeopardised company because their original founders were planless and eventually they ended. Today it has more than 100 exclusive retail stores which counts it’s 30% of revenue. Already crossed 100 CR in 2012-13. Which unique  indian business company we are talking about?

12)     connect


2. Rolex deep sea special watch
3. Arrow
4. Rahul Dacunha ( creative head of ad-agency daCunha Communications), creates amul girl ads
6. Zeus
7. Accenture
8. Versace
9. chetna gala sinha, founder chairperson of mann deshi mahila sahkari bank
10. Inmobi
11. Wildcraft
12. all of these company raised funding from YouWeCan foundation


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Gaurav Suman
September 21, 2016
  1. This is a large retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. Since 2000 it has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland group Plc, ranked among the top 10 largest banks in the world by assets. it was established in 1968 by the merger of National Provincial Bank. after the statutory process of integration had been completed in 1969. The famous three arrowheads symbol was adopted as the new bank’s logo; it is said to symbolise either the circulation of money in the financial system or the bank’s three constituents. Which bank ??

  2. The first __X__ in 1896 were designed by French sculptor Jules-Clément Chaplain and depicted Zeus holding Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, on the obverse and the Acropolis on the reverse. They were made by the Paris Mint, which also made the __X__ in 1900, hosted by Paris. This started the tradition of giving the responsibility of minting the __x__ to the host city. What am  I talking about ?

  3. it’s India’s first digital marketing expense card. identify this corporation by its logo.
  4. It is a scheduled commercial bank headquartered in the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra. Founded in August 1943, One of the oldest private sector banks in India. Identify this bank by below images


  5.  The zen from maruti was abbreviation for what? 
  6. It is a French luxury goods conglomerate company . The company designs , manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches.  It has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities.  for example it created diamond necklace for Bhupinder Singh (the maharaja of Patiala), Kate Middleton timepiece and  so on.
    it was the first company to manufacture wrist watches for men.
  7. Smart shoes by which Mumbai based startup company?
  8. Name & Claim to fame
  9. It is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances and home accessories. As of January 2008, it is the world’s largest furniture retailer. Founded in Sweden in 1943 by then-17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who was listed as one of the world’s richest people in 2013, the company’s name is an acronym that consists of the initials of its founder, the farm where he grew up and his hometown. Which company ? 
  10. Known as Omini, is a silhouette of a man (left) and woman (right) sitting back to back in the nude. Created in 1969 by mere accident. After a photo shoot for a bathing suit advertisement, a man and a woman were sitting back-to-back, naked, with the outlines of their bodies traced by the back lighting. The photographers knew they had something, and the idea grew into what is now the logo for __X__ brand, which was later attributed to the active and sportswear. Symbolizes the mutual support between man and woman, and their completion.

  11. logo of which railway corporation

  12. connect


    1. NATWEST
    3. HAPPAY
    4. RBL bank (logo and delhi daredevils team which has rbl bank as its banking partner)
    5. zero engine noise
    6. Cartier brand
    7. Boltt
    8. Kunwar bai ,swachh bharat abhiyan mascot (who build toilets by selling off her goats )
    9. IKEA
    10. KAPPA
    11. Lucknow metro railway corpoaration
    12. Aamir khan
    incredible india ambassador
    holi (his first movie)
    Aamir khan production logo

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Gaurav Suman
September 14, 2016
  1. __X__  was one of the three brands of carbonated soft drink started in India by __Y__ under the initiative of its founder Ramesh Chauhan in 1977 after the exit of major soft drinks brand  from the Indian market. __X__  was introduced along with Thums Up and Limca.It was artificially flavoured and coloured orange. __Y__ sold  __X__ along with Thums Up, Limca, Citra and Maaza to __Z__  in 1993 (which had just relaunched in the Indian market), reportedly for $40 million. In spite of its wide popularity, __X__  was withdrawn by __Z__ from the market in order to re-make space for __Z__’s Fanta brand.
  2. The company was founded by N.K. Firodia, in which bajaj auto bought a controlling stake, the company renaming it “bajaj tempo”. Recently in the year 2015, the company also inaugurated its Chennai Plant which will produce and test engines and transmissions exclusively for all BMW cars and SUVs made in India. Which company??
  3. identify this logo??
    hint :- time named it one of the best innovations download
  4. X born in Pune,India is an computer science engineer. She was a software engineer in the real time communication group at oracle. X holds a bachelor and masters degree in electrical computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon university… She was first to be acquired by the giant incorporation Y as a late 2010 she quits y and in 2011 she started her own company Z which was sold to dropbox in 2012 and she joined there as vp of opertaions… x,y and z please…??
  5. It was known by the codename “revolution” until 2006 later they changed its name as it is not an ideal name, it’s long and in some culture it’s hard to pronounce. So changed to something which is short and easy to remember this they came up with the _  _ _. Two of its lower case character resemble two people standing side by side. FITB
  6. __X__  took on its competitor __Y__ with this ad which shows that __X__  is always ahead. X and Y ?
  7. In 1936 ten cement companies belonging to different industrialist merged to make X. X’s registered office is called Cement House. The management control of company was taken over by Swiss cement major Y. Identify both x any y.
  8. This person acquired these important positions . Identify.the personalityAdvisor, Boston Consulting GroupPresident (Business Development), Reliance industries

    Executive Director, infrastructure development finance company (1997-2006)

    Member, Integrated Energy Policy Committee, Government of India (2004-2006)

    Non-Executive Director, Gujarat state petroleum corporation

    Non-Executive Director, Multi commodity exchange of India Limited

  9.  __X__  is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia. The company was founded in 1975 by __Y__ and Rosalía Mera. It is the main brand of the Inditex group. __Y__  initially named the store Zorba after a classic film , but after learning there was a bar with the same name two blocks away, they rearranged the letters molded for the sign to ‘__X__’ It is believed the extra ‘a’ came from an additional set of letters that had been made for the company. X and Y ??
  10. old logo of??
  11. This store is one of its kind. identify
  12. Relate these things with a person
    1. x-Gold Spot
    y- parle
    z- Coca-cola
    2. Force motors
    3. kick starter
    4. X- Ruchi Sanghavi
    Y- Facebook
    Z- Clove
    5. WII gaming console by nintendo
    6. X- Fed-ex
    7. X- ACC cement
    Y- Holcim
    8. Urjit Patel (Newly appointed RBI governor)
    9. X- ZARA
    Y- Amancio Ortega
    10. Cafe coffee day
    11. Homeplus, First virtual retailer in south korea
    12. Mansukhbhai raghavjibhai prajapati ( a rural innovator who developed and hold patents of clay products like mitticool refrigrator, nonstick clay               tawa and clay based water filter
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Gaurav Suman
September 4, 2016

1. Later during the Mauryan period (321-185 BCE), an instrument called ___x___ was in use, which was an order on a banker directing him to pay the sum on the note to a third person, which corresponds to the definition of a modern bill of exchange. Identify X??
Hint:- A sanskrit word (more…)

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Intro question bank for Business category
February 28, 2016

Its a new day, lets make it awesome by learning some facts and recent events that took place in the world of business. Lets start our Business Quiz Category today. (more…)

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