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There are quizzers everywhere. Either they are involved directly (by being a part of a quiz event) or indirectly (by loving facts about anything and what they love or have interest). Quizzers generally prepare themselves by wandering here and there on the internet for facts and news and events (and wiki of course). But preparing for a quiz  can become a headache.
There are various problems which any quizzing aspirant faces while preparing for quizzes. Some of them we found were-

  • People migrate from one website to other for archives and meaningful content for preparation.
  • Some facts are wrong and are casually posted on some blogs (which may cause problems).
  • The groups on Facebook do not operate in a managed form and are filled with spams.
  • Due to this people in the group show casual attitude towards groups and post.
  • Groups had now become a platform for Marketing.
  • Repeated and Bad Quality Content on web.
  • Pages also show casual attitude, they post casually without any pattern. For ex- 1 post made in 2nd Sept. and next post on 7 Sept. and 3rd post is made in November.
  • People do not show any engagement in the quizzes organized (Because No PRIZE).


We were few amateurs and faced the similar problems and decided to find a solution for our friends. And we came up with the idea of dedicating a social network for only quizzers. And the solution we found is –

Tech2Gyan | Quizzing Simplified – A community for Quizzers

A whole social community experience of Quizzing Put ONLINE.

We are a small but dedicated team ready to solve problems of quizzing aspirants. We launched Tech2Gyan on 1st March 2016, with a hope to help quizzers to tackle the problems which they face.

Merits of Tech2Gyan-

  • A full social networking Experience.
  • People can Login/Sign up and create their profiles.
  • Users can meet like minded people who are ready to help them.
  • Absolutely legit content is posted on it, after lots of research by the team members.
  • Users will get unique content.
  • Users can prepare for prestigious quizzes.
  • Share archives and post question.
  • Regular Quizzes by website.
  • Different groups and content for different categories for example different groups for General, Tech, Science, Entertainment etc.
  • Forums for Solving Technical problems for anything (like XDA, vBulletin).
  • Technical Help and advice provided by Experts.
  • Users can hold up quizzes.
  • No Marketing or spam on website.
  • Q & A engine.
  • Social media pages will also be dedicated to give you a better chance to get engaged and prepare.
  • Live Chat.
  • Absolutely Free.
  • Monthly archives prepared by Experts.


With these solutions we think that we will be able to solve most of the problems faced by quizzers. Quizzing these days is becoming a passion for youngsters, and of course it is a good way to learn new things every day.

If you want to know more about our story, please contact us.

Aman Pratap Singh and  Atul Singh                                                                      
Founders, Tech2Gyan                                                           
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